Who Is Yoda?

My name is Katrina Gothorp and I had the privilege of joining the equine world 38 years ago when I was first introduced to cheeky ponies as a child. I have been hooked ever since! I spent my early years as a 3-day eventer and quickly became team captain of the Pony Club. In those days, not much else existed for me except to live and breathe the same air as horses and ponies….well some would say that not much has changed over the years. My obsession with the horse grew as I did.

Despite the best efforts of family to persuade me into another profession, I came full circle back to the horse whose spirit truly resides within me. In 2002, my beloved thoroughbred and friend Super Taff suffered horrific injuries and was written off by the surgeons. Despite this, with much blood, sweat and tears, I succeeded in rehabilitating him. He returned, to the amazement of the chief surgeons, to showjumping. This fuelled me to change my career.

I returned to study and retrained as an Equine Bodyworker with Equinenergy, learning my trade from the awesome Debranne Patillo. Upon qualification, my business Equusperformance was born. I then returned to Writtle College to study equine myofascial release with the renowned Ruth Mitchell-Golladay. This was an eye-opening experience. My early understanding of not only muscle anatomy, but also the 3D interconnective web of fascia, just increased my hunger to learn and expand my knowledge and offer my clients more.

It was in 2008 that, whilst working in the flat racing industry in Cyprus, I came across laser therapy. I delved into this whole-heartedly and purchased my first 904nm laser unit. At this time, not much was documented about the effects of laser therapy on soft tissue. I worked together with a renowned Newmarket vet and she advised me to continuously log results and methods with the laser. This I did and we soon discovered just how powerful and effective the laser was for tendons and soft tissue injuries, if used correctly.

However, my insatiable desire to know more spurred me onwards and in 2012 I joined the Royal (Dick) Vet School in Edinburgh University where I gained my Masters of Equine Science. I am forever grateful to the University of Edinburgh and it’s awesome faculty for the teaching and support I received there.

Now, I try to stay abreast of scientific developments and understanding of equine science so that I can share this information with my clients in the hope that the lives of their horses are improved daily.

And so this blog was born as another way to spread the word on any information I can share with those who wish to read. My philosophy is that nothing is insurmountable if only we approach it asking the correct questions. Our horses are all amazing creatures who can achieve astonishing things, given the correct support. Who is the equine jedi? Ultimately, it is your horses. The Force is strong with every one of them. Be one with The Force.